Inside Business

Tenacious Execution: Through rigorous research and thoughtful sourcing, we are able to identify a deep pool of candidates to give clients confidence that a thorough search has been conducted.  We have executed hundreds of search mandates from start to finish, giving us an intimate understanding of the life cycle of a search.  Our experience allows us to mitigate roadblocks early and to achieve successful, creative outcomes. 

Flexibility: As an independent executive recruitment firm, we are able to offer flexible pricing and are not bound by highly restrictive, off-limit agreements.

High-Touch Client Service: We are a focused, lean team that offers high-touch partner-intensive service, in many ways eclipsing the focus provided by other leading executive recruitment firms. 

Exceptional Candidate Care: Great search execution is more than a transaction - it's about building long-term relationships. We are mindful that we are an extension of our clients’ HR team and strive to create a positive search experience and first impression.  We understand a career change is a life decision and often emotional, we are attentive, transparent, accessible and responsive.